With rising fuel costs, traveling can be expensive. Triplog makes it easy to maximize employer reimbursements or tax deductions associated with travel costs.



  This is perfect for those using a private car for work. Attractive interface, fast and easy to use.

Norwegian Triplog user

  Have been using the app for a few days and it has already made it easier to report my business trips!

Swedish Triplog user

  The perfect tool for those who use the car during working hours

Norwegian Triplog user

     Supports iPad

     Supports iPhone


 Track mileage, vehicle usage, travel costs, fuel costs and consumption with ease

 Synchronize data between your devices using iCloud

 Register trips and cost on multiple vehicles

 Add predefined locations for quick trip starts and calculations

 When registering costs, snap a picture of your receipts

 Save detailed trip data including mileage, fuel costs, trip purpose, additional expenses, passengers, comments - even street names in the route you have taken!

 Export data in friendly PDF or Excel reports to Dropbox or by email

 Universal app - built for both iPhone and iPad


Triplog automates repetitive tasks like tracking your trips using your iPhone’s built-in GPS, creating relations between costs registered during a trip and utilities like predefined locations that you often visit - in addition everything is connected to your vehicles with simple yet powerful reports that leverages the collected data.


Triplog uses Apple’s iCloud to synchronize data between your devices, and is now available for both iPad and iPhone making it simple to manage travel data without having to remember which device you used to registered a given trip, cost or fuel with. In addition you get free backup of your data in iCloud!

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